Our mission is to foster a dynamic economic and educational connection between community members, farmers, and artisans by providing a marketplace for food grown locally using sustainable farming methods and for locally produced hand crafted goods and prepared foods.

We believe that sustainable agriculture is increasingly essential to providing healthy, affordable food to the community. Sustainable methods reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, provide foods free from harmful chemicals, produce foods high in nutritional value, and results in economic activity focused on the local economy.

Further objectives of the AFM mission include education about and support of local sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture is a commitment to both growing and distributing food to meet the needs of current and future generations in a manner that is environmentally sound, economically viable, and socially just.

AFM believes that it is important to make economic and educational connections between urban dwellers, sustainable farmers, local artisans, crafts persons and local purveyors of food prepared substantially from locally grown products using sustainable farming methods.

AFM management and its designated agents will implement and enforce all rules and regulations pertaining to the operation of AFM market in a fair and equitable manner.

Board of Directors

Carter Dodd // President

Jan Kozak // Treasurer

Ed Janosik // Board Member

Heather Russel // Board Member

Joseph Houston III // Board Member

Garry Shaw // Board Member

Sara Parker// Board Member

Iwalani Farfour // Board Member

Gabriel Jimenez-Fuentes // Board Member

Amanda Tedrow // Ex Officio Board Member



Sarah Thurman // Market Manager

Susan Staley // Music Coordinator

Abigail Darwin // Children's Booth Coordinator

Landon Bubb // Market Chef

Randy Smith // Market Intern

Corrie Shubert // Market Intern