Using SNAP to buy food? Come to the Athens Farmers Market and we’ll DOUBLE your SNAP dollars! It’s simple, bring your card to the main market booth (look for the red and white sign that says CREDIT DEBIT EBT HERE) and we’ll swipe your EBT card for your desired amount and in exchange, you’ll get wooden tokens that can be spent on food at the market. Swipes up to $50 per customer per market day are doubled! $5 becomes $10, $10 becomes $20, $20 becomes $40, and so on. Make each SNAP dollar go twice as far at the farmers market! Our own research has shown that through this program, the farmers market becomes more affordable than the grocery or corner store!

By partnering with Wholesome Wave Georgia to double SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) purchases and by conducting outreach to community members who utilize SNAP, the Athens Farmers Market puts into practice our strongly held belief that good, healthy, wholesome food is basic human right.

In total, since we began the doubling program in 2010, we have doubled $348,000 to $696,000!

This is a tangible change in the food accessibility climate for those who use SNAP to buy food for themselves and their families. $696,000 worth of fresh, wholesome, locally and sustainably produced vegetables, fruits, meats, and breads in the hands of those who need it most is a real, measurable impact. For 2018, we are budgeting another $25,000 in incentives, which will mean $50,000 worth of good food to SNAP recipients! The achievement of this ambitious target will require support of our community.