For Ed Janosik, the farming life began as one trial among a slew of homesteading experiments. Now, it's a full-time job. Drawn South from Pennsylvania to attend forestry school at the University of Georgia, Ed felt lured by acreage in Madison County offering him the opportunity to live off the land. Family in tow, Ed built his own pole beam house not far from Danielsville, planted vegetables, and raised animals to feed his growing brood. Today, that homestead is a bustling organic farm tended by Ed, two of his three children (when school is out), and hired hands. Every Wednesday and Saturday during market season, Ed lugs a plethora of vegetables to the Athens Farmers Market. Even in cooler months, Sundance Family Farm stays productive thanks to hoop houses packed to the edges with kale, collards, radishes, and carrots. Come Thanksgiving, ask Ed about buying one of his heirloom turkeys. He's so proud of his prized birds he keeps their feathers in his hat.