With an average of over 2800 patrons each week, Athens Farmers Market is the premier ongoing event for exposing the citizens of Athens to your business!

Our annual sponsorship package is $500. Sponsors will have their logo and business name printed on a professionally printed banner displayed at the market entrance and their logo and web link will be displayed on our website. Furthermore, sponsors tap into community goodwill, with the association of your business or non-profit with the Athens Farmers Market, dedicated to promoting sustainable economic growth and healthy living in the Athens area. Your sponsorship provides much needed funding and support of the Athens Farmers Market, which provides the community with a marketplace for food grown locally using sustainable farming methods and for locally produced hand-crafted goods and prepared foods.  Your sponsorship will be used to pay the operating expenses and advertising costs of the market.

Other opportunities for more visibility may be available should you desire more exposure for your business. We are receptive to new ideas.

If you would like to have your local business promoted at the Athens Farmers Market every Saturday and Wednesday, please fill out the form below. We will contact you soon.

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