Blueberry bushes, just sitting there, waiting to be picked. Blueberry farming, not much to it? Say that to Chris Luther and prepare for a gut-busting howl. Yeah, right.  Ants, mold, root rot: to bring fresh blueberries to the Athens Farmers Market every summer, the headaches Chris deals with never stop. Thankfully, the stress Chris endures tending to those perennial plants means sweet, juicy berries for the rest of us. Chris and Rhonda Luther care for hundreds of blueberry bushes on their farm near Union  Point in Oglethorpe County. A carpenter by trade, Chris became obsessed with blueberry plants years ago. Not unlike a kung fu prodigy, before barreling into blueberries full-time, Chris travelled to Alma, capital of Georgia's booming blueberry industry, and absorbed all the insight he could assemble about raising berries. But unlike the conventional style employed in south Georgia, where most blueberries are grown only to be frozen, Chris chose to farm organically. No herbicides or pesticides. Which means ants love the fields at Rhonda's Blueberries; they love to bite Chris, too.