Will Powers stewards over 300 acres of Oconee County pasture and conservation forest that has been in his family's care for generations. Walk the grounds with Will, past the egg mobile housing hundreds of chickens, the north pasture where two bulls — Al and Ug — graze, the south pasture home to dozens of mama cows and their young, family memories mark the landscape. Barns and cabins constructed by his grandfather, old home sites burned to timbers circa World War II. When it comes to raising beef cattle and layer birds, Will learned that the job means he's a grass farmer, as much as any kind of rancher. Fescue and rye are just as important elements to Pastures of Rose Creek as the rare Italian cattle, called PIedmotese, Will keeps. The results are clear to Will. The land he grew up running around on, splashing in its creeks and hunting through its timber, has never looked better.