In discussing agriculture, the state of the family farm is a regular topic. It's nostalgia, mostly, a desire for a simpler time, a worry over what's to come. But for the Shaws of Hickory Hill, for whom family farming dates back to the Revolutionary War, their roots are healthy and deep. An ancestor of Susan Shaw's received over 200 acres in a King's Grant back in the late 1700s, and this stretch of Oglethorpe County known as The Glade has been in her family, and in agricultural production, ever since. The Georgia Department of Agriculture even honored the Shaws and Hickory Hill as one of the state's centennial family farms in 2015. While the Shaws have tilted this historic land toward growing Certified Organic and Naturally Grown produce, remnants of past uses can still be seen on the property in the form of rustic chicken houses and curing shacks. Then and now, tangible in the same moment. The farm's intergenerational reach continues to extend as daughter Jennifer, son-in-law Josh, and granddaughter Madeline represent the future custodians of the acres of potatoes, lettuce-stocked hoop houses, roaming swine, skittish sheep, and free-ranging hens of Hickory Hill. For a storied farm like Hickory Hill, the future holds promise.