Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program (FVRx)


The FVRx Program promotes affordable access to fruits and vegetables and healthy eating in underserved communities through partnerships with local healthcare providers, community organizations and the Athens Farmers Market. Wholesome Wave Georgia partners with healthcare providers to provide prescriptions for fruits and vegetables to patients with chronic, diet-related illnesses; patients can redeem prescriptions at the Athens Farmers Markets. The FVRx Program is a proven evidence-based model of preventative healthcare with a demonstrated impact, resulting in healthier communities, food systems, and local economies.

In it's second year, the Athens Farmers Market is partnered with the Athens Nurses Clinic, Action Ministries, SNAP Ed at UGA, the UGA Anthropology, UGA Public Health departments and the UGA Office of Sustainability to provide fresh, locally-grown produce to people in our community who are struggling with diet-related illnesses.