On a small parcel of land near Winterville, Iwalani Farfour's Full Moon Farms continues an organic tradition. Bursting with with salad greens, kales, collards, strawberries, and tomatoes, Full Moon's fertile soil results from two decades of care by a series of constant gardeners. Before Farfour and husband Michael moved on the land, Roots Farm was its name, a long-running market farm where many future agrarians applied their burgeoning trade. Before Roots, a school teacher named Paul kept the land, raising vegetables with volunteer help. While Iwalani inherits well-groomed acres, she pushes forward Full Moon's organic mission daily. As a founding member of Collective Harvest, Full Moon leads a charge to improve both the year-round supply of organic produce available to Athens and the livelihoods of dynamic local farmers. Iwalani's husband, Michael Farfour, had revamped the popular Farm Cart food truck, serving biscuits and hamburgers exclusively featuring produce from Full Moon and proteins from area farms. Together, the Farfours and their young son Kai are a local foods powerhouse.