Thank Whole Foods for bringing this northern farming couple to Georgia. Farmers Jacqui Coburn and Alex Rilko both grew up far from the sprawling Winterville pasture land they've groomed into Front Field Farm. Jobs with that green grocer corporation sent them to Atlanta from New Jersey, but the bucolic tractor beam of fertile north Georgia soil stole their agrarian talents for Athens. Farmers for less than a decade, Jacqui and Alex are already making a mark in the field. Front Field spearheaded the creation of Collective Harvest, a cooperative of local organic farms offering 12-month community supported agriculture subscriptions, improving the bottom lines of many farmers in the area. Jacqui and Alex approach business building and farm growth with passion. Even though that passion finds them burning candles at both ends, a warm smile  and a bunch of radishes awaits all who visit their Athens Farmers Market booth.