For many stalwart Athens Farmers Market customers, every  market day begins with Farm Cart. Flaky biscuits, crispy-edged fried farm eggs, slabs of cart-made sausage or cured pork belly, cheddar slices dribbling down organic flour and butter-formed layers — the heft of a Farm Cart breakfast steadies the body for a morning of produce oggling. Don't forget some savory grits, a creamy bowl of the Southern staple capped by curls of shredded cheese. Credit Michael Farfour for breathing new life into the Farm Cart, a long-running market staple once associated with beloved farm-to-table restaurant, Farm 255. With Farfour, husband of farmer Iwalani Farfour, Farm Cart isn't just connected with the ethos of the market by sourcing ingredients for its nap-inducing meals, it's family.