Farmer Nathan Brett left the late nights and rock'n'roll of Music City behind for a life of soil and toil on the farm. If you ask him, he gave up nothing in the trade. When Nathan returned to Madison County to start a farm with his father, Murray, he met his future wife, Simone. He found that a day full of tasks completed with the ones he loves is far more rewarding than seeing his name in Nashville lights. Together, the three Bretts — including, sometimes, Nathan and Simone's siblings — are building an agricultural legacy, one that Simone and Nathan's children — a son, Noah, and another child on the way — will inherit. What sets Dayspring Farms apart from their colleagues at the Athens Farmers Market is a focus on storage crops. Depending on the season, Dayspring's fields abound with black beans, canola, oats, or wheat, all crops the farmers process for year-round sale. As a family and as farmers, the Bretts like to say they are "reclaiming a better way of life."