Market Meal Plan: Week 11

I’m trying to squeeze in one more week of strawberries before the produce selection transitions from spring to summer. This week I’m trying to keep dishes easy and quick. Everything does really well as leftovers if you (like me) are not part of a family of 4 and just a single gay boy trying to make it in this world.

Come visit me at the market for a demo on the Mango Thai Basil Stir Fry! I'll also show you a few different ways to prepare and press tofu and ways you can amend a stir fry to make it seasonal, personal, and delicious.


Market Shopping List

3 yellow onion
1 pint snap peas
1 head broccoli
Mango Thai Basil preserves
from Piedmont Provisions
leafy greens
2 lb dandelion greens
2 pints of strawberries
1 Cup basil
1.5 lbs carrots with green tops
2 cloves garlic
1 lb beets

crushed red pepper
Salt & Pepper
1.5 tsp fennel seeds
1 Tbsp poppy seeds

Oils & Vinegars
grapeseed oil
olive oil
tabasco sauce
red wine vinegar
balsamic vinegar

Pantry Needs

6 cloves garlic
Small piece of ginger
1 red bell pepper
3 cucumbers English Cucumbers
1 lemon
2 shallots
1/2 Cup diced tomato

2 Cups White Rice
1 1/2 Cups of lightly toasted almond
6 tablespoons tomato juice
¾ lb orecchiette or fusilli

1 block firm tofu
vegetable broth
unsalted butter
1 cup whole milk ricotta OR Tofu ricotta
Orange Juice



Mango Thai Basil Stir Fry

Serves 4 | 45 minutes | vegan, GF

A stir fry is always an easy, flavorful dish that allows you to use whatever seasonal veggies you like. The mango thai basil preserves from Piedmont Provisions is a great way to thicken up all of the tamari, oils, and juices into a cohesive, delicious sauce. Feel free to make this your own way. Add more garlic, peppers, serve over noodles. Whatever you do will be great and delicious

1 block firm tofu, drained & pressed, cut into 1 inch cubes
3 tbsp grapeseed oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 Tbsp ginger, peeled and minced
1 yellow onion
1 pint snap peas, strings removed
4 Tbsp vegetable broth
1 head broccoli, cut into florets
½ cup frozen mangos
2 tbsp Tamari
3 tbsp Mango Thai Basil preserves from Piedmont Provisions
Leafy greens, preferred (I’d recommend the leftover carrot tops
2 Cups White Rice, cooked according to package

  1. Cook rice according to package

  2. In a deep frying pan or wok, heat 1 Tbsp oil over medium-high heat, swirling to coat the pan. Add tofu and cook until lightly browned on one side, about 3 minutes. Turn tofu cubes, being careful not to break them and cook until browned on the opposite side. Transfer to plate.

  3. Wipe pan clean, place over high heat, and add 1 Tbsp of oil, again swirling to coat pan. Add onion and stir fry for 1 minute. Add peas, and a pinch of salt.

  4. Add garlic, ginger, carrot, and broccoli and frozen mango and stir fry for about 1 minutes. Add tamari, orange juice, and broth. Cover and cook on high heat until vegetables are almost tender, about 5 minutes. Add greens and stir until wilted. Add Mango Thai Basil to thicken remaining liquid into a sauce. Add tamari and salt to balance flavors.


Sauteed Spicy Dandelion Greens

Serves 4 | 30 minutes | Vegan, Gluten Free
Source: Epicurious

This dish is pleasantly spicy from the dandelion greens. Cooking in boiling water is an important part in cutting down their natural bitterness

2 lbs dandelion greens, tough part of stems discarded and leaves cut crosswise into 2” pieces
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp unsalted butter
1 large onions
2 cloves garlic
½ tsp crushed red pepper
Salt & pepper

  1. Fill your biggest pot (8 quarts) with well salted water and bring to boil. Cook greens, uncovered, until ribs are tender, about 10 minutes. Scoop out with a slotted spoon or skimmer into a colander, then rinse under cold water to stop cooking. Drain well, gently pressing out excess water, and transfer to a bowl.

  2. Clean out the pot you just used and add oil and butter. Heat over medium heat until foam subsides, then cook onions, cherry pepper, ½ tsp salt, and ¼ tsp pepper covered stirring occasionally for about 4 minutes. Add garlic then cook until onions are pale golden about 4 more minutes. Add greens and cook, covered, stirring occasionally, until onions are tender, 4-6 minutes. Transfer to a serving bowl and drizzle with additional oil.



Strawberry Gazpacho

Serves 4 | 20 minutes plus marinating | Vegan, GF
Guest Chef: Megan Brock

Strawberry season is winding down so this might be your last chance to snag enough strawberries for this Gazpacho. Megan and Amanda Brock from M-Squared Catering made this dish at the market a few weeks back and it was the perfect remedy for hot summer nights: Cold, sweet, tart, and a pick of spice.

6 cups of strawberries (hulled and quartered)2 1/4 Cups of English Cucumbers (peeled, seeded, and diced)
1 1/4 Cups of diced red bell pepper
1 1/2 Cups of lightly toasted almond
1/2 Cup Basil
2 shallots
6 tablespoons of tomato juice
3 tbs. red wine vinegar
1 1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Dash of tabasco sauce

Gazpacho Garnish Ingredients
1/3 Cup basil
1 Quart of strawberries (hulled and diced)
1/2 Cup diced tomato
1 Cup cucumbers
1 tsp red wine vinegar
2 tsp olive oil.

  1. Mix and marinate shallots, strawberries, bell pepper, and cucumbers in the vinegar, tabasco, salt, and 2 tbs of olive oil for 6 hours.

  2. (After having been marinated) Pour this mixture into the blender. Add tomato juice and almonds. Blend on high while slowly adding the remaining olive oil. Right before you finish adding the remaining olive oil, add the fresh basil. Season to taste. Chill your finished product.

  3. For Garnish: Combine the ingredients in a bowl. Season to taste. Serve gazpacho and garnish.



Roasted Carrots with Fennel-Brown Butter

Serves 4 | 45 minutes, 15 minutes active | GF, Easily Vegan
Source: Epicurious

This dish is smoky, sweet, and colorful. I ate this as a side with an Indian-style veggie patty from Trader Joes to create a cohesive meal.

1.5 lbs carrots with green tops
1 tbsp plus 2 teaspoons olive oil
½ tsp sugar
½ tsp kosher salt
¼ tsp freshly ground black pepper
1.5 tsp fennel seeds
1.5 tbsp. unsalted butter
1.5 tsp fresh lemon juice

  1. Preheat oven to 425 F. Trim carrot tops and coarsely chop. Measure 2 Tbsp. and set aside, reserve remaining tops for another use (if you heeded my advice, use these in your stir fry!). Peel carrots, slice in half lengthwise, then cut into 2” pieces.

  2. Toss carrots with oil, sugar, salt, and pepper on a rimmed baking sheet. Arrange in a single layer and roast carrots, stirring halfway though, until tender and lightly caramelized, 25-35 minutes.

  3. Meanwhile, lightly crush fennel seeds using a mortar and pestle or the bottom of a heavy pan. Melt butter in a medium skillet over medium heat, the stir in crushed seeds. Cook, stirring occasionally, until foam subsides and the butter become fragrant, nutty, and golden brown, 3-5 minutes. Transfer butter mixture to a medium bowl.

  4. Once carrots are roasted, add them to butter mixture and toss to coat. Add lemon juice and toss to coat. Serve carrots topped with reserved carrot tops.


Orecchiette with Sour Beets, Ricotta, and Poppy Seeds

Serves 4-6 | 30 minutes | easily Vegan and/or GF
Source: Whole Bowls by Allison Day

Beets always make for stunning, beautiful, nutrient dense dishes. Use this as a showstopper and invite an old friend over. Sub in gluten free pasta if needed. Instead of ricotta, sub a tofu ricotta. If you want go to recipe, email me at and I’ll share!

2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
1 lb beets, grated
1 onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
¾ tsp salt
Ground black pepper, to taste
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
¾ lb orecchiette or fusilli (GF is needed)
1 cup whole milk ricotta (or make a Tofu Ricotta)
1 Tbsp poppy seeds

  1. Bring large pot of water to a boil; salt well

  2. In a high-sided skillet, heat oil over medium heat.

  3. Add beets, onion, garlic, salt, and pepper. Saute 10-15 minutes, until softened. Stir in vinegar.

  4. Make pasta according to package. Reserve ½ cup cooking liquid and drain. Add pasta back to pot along with cooked beet mixture. Briefly stir over medium until heated through, adding reserved pasta cooking water to loosen, as required.

  5. To serve: add pasta to bowls, top with a dollop of ricotta and sprinkle with poppy seeds.

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Landon Bubb