My Market Club

Hey market folk,

Landon Bubb here, returning for a 2nd year of market intern fun! This year, the market is already off to an incredible start. 2,500 people attended the first market, most vendors sold out, and Farm Cart and prepared foods are adding a whole new dimension. We’re also continuing last year’s implementation of GA Organic’s My Market Club as an incentive program to encourage long term market shopping. In the most basic sense, when a new person comes to the market, they get showered in free stuff. Throughout last season at the Athens Farmers Market we signed up 664 new shoppers/friends! I have big hopes to dramatically increase it this year but I'll need your help to convince your friends to come!

The format is disturbingly simple. Sometimes we can spot new people when they show up looking 50 shades of lost so we pull them over and give them a run-down of the market, sign them up, and give them stuff. Others are led to us by friends while some are directed by vendors. When they come over, we give them a 20 second survey (email & how they heard about it) and they recieve $5 free to spend at the market and a punch card. When they bring their card back for a second day they get lip balm from Suds & Lather and the third time their card turns into entry into our monthly raffle of premium market goodies!

I Heart MM.jpg

So if free stuff isn’t convincing enough, here’s 6 reasons I love the My Market Club

  1. It gives me an excuse to meet new people:

    • At the Athens Farmers Market, you’re guaranteed to talk with more people than conventional grocery shopping. The MMC gives me a solid excuse to meet new shoppers and give them a taste of one of my favorite aspects of the market: community.

  2. I love giving spiels:

    • Put me behind a table, give me some swag and I can promote anything! New people means that I can talk about how great the market is, our commitment to high standards of production, supporting local, fun facts about Athens, and cool programs we’re doing.

  3. It supports our local farmers:

    • Unless someone keeps a token for their scrapbook, the $5 new shoppers get go directly back to the vendors. The yellow MMC tokens usually go to the closest booth but that money goes to help the real people that make the market great. In 2014 alone, the My Market Club resulted in $29,510 going back to farmers throughout participating markets in Georgia.

  4. You can use the free money to treat yo’ self:

    • Sometimes you deserve to splurge! Five free dollars means you might be able to upgrade to the biggest jar of local honey from Booger Hill, get an extra scone from the Comerian, or try vegan cheese from Rabbit Food,

  5. Giving/getting free stuff:

    • I’m a horrible salesperson but I LOVE giving away swag. Gift giving is my major love language so being able to give away free stuff makes me happy.

  6. The lip balm is amazing!

    • Suds & Lather has been around the market for a while and I’ve used their soaps pretty often. The second week prize of their Vanilla Latte Lip Balm is wonderful. It contains 6 types of oils like avocado, jojoba, and castor oil, coffee and cocoa butter, and beeswax. I stole one for “quality control” and am probably gonna use it up in the next few weeks because I’ve been constantly reapplying it. My lips have never been softer.

So if you have any friends, relatives, roommates, classmates, or neighbors who haven’t been to the market, be sure to mention the My Market Club, the fun free stuff they get, and the wonderful vendors they support. Hope to see you soon!