AFM Offical Kids Blog - Darby Farms

by Claire and Olivia Kulniszewski

This entry is about a special Athens Farmers Market meat vendor. His name is Daniel Dover, he owns and operates Darby Farms!

Mr. Daniel has been raising animals for meat for over eight years. He started working with animals to recover from an illness and surgery. Mr. Daniel lets his animals walk around, and eat grass and bugs like they were meant to. He lets them act like animals and that keeps them happy. He loves that he can raise meat for his family and the community that is clean and raised in a safe, kind way.  I would agree with him on that!  Mr. Daniel explained with meat you are able to hide all kinds of weird things inside of it. Also any bad things that are put in it become unidentifiable once you grind it. He said, technology is advancing so quickly that we need more technology to control that technology so it won’t harm our food.

Mr. Daniel believes that knowing and caring where your food comes from will heal the land over time. He said, we really need to get back to the basics and mimic what nature has done over the millions of years that it has sustained life without the “help” of chemicals, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and other horrible creations that changed our real food into food like things (I would rather just eat real food). With these added chemicals and creations, it is also producing new harmful bacteria and causing terrible diseases.  Americans have become very sick because of foods that are made in laboratories and factories.  So we need to spread awareness on sustainable meat farming! Mr. Daniel does such a good job on his farm that some of our favorite local restaurants use his meat too! I feel Mr. Daniel helped me understand this concept much better then I did before! 

 Mr. Daniel is a wonderful information giver on the topic of happy chickens, turkeys and hogs! Just for fun we asked Mr. Daniel, “What is something nobody would know about you?  He said, that he enjoys singing “Prince” songs in the shower! 

When we wrote this blog on August 10th, the Athens Farmers Market had A LOT of folks. Almost every vendor sold out! We had a super fun day; whether we were climbing trees, ringing credit cards for tokens for the shoppers (Claire), or helping the Farmers or getting to play Sous-Chef (Olivia) for the Hugh Acheson Cooking Demonstration!