AFM Offical Kids Blog - Cedar Grove Farm

By Olivia and Claire Kulniszewski,

Cedar Grove Farm has wonderful, healthy and delicious vegetables to choose from. With a wide variety of vegetables, a good dinner has been planned right there!

We interviewed Mr. Jay he had a lot of great stuff to say. We have found the inside scoop on what it is like running a farm. He says it is a great life style. What he likes about growing fresh healthy food is that he gets to eat a lot of what they grow.  They do not need a machine to pick the food they grow. He says, you have to be optimistic, but it is very worthwhile.

Cedar Grove Farm grows a real wide variety of vegetables, a little bit of everything. They do this for a couple reasons: 1. because of the customers and 2. for the experience of growing different types of vegetables.  Cedar Grove Farm does not use chemicals so that their costumers have good food that is healthy and safe to eat.

Mr. Jay loves coming to the Athens Farmers Market because he gets to see families grow up there he really enjoys that and he loves sharing what they do with the people that come to the market.

We had some rainy weather today but all the vegetables were extremely colorful they were like a rainbow of healthy food. Our mom will make some great meals from their greens, tomatoes and onions this week.  We go to Cedar Grove Farm stand just about every Saturday and Wednesday. What can I say, we love them!!!! 

While my family and I enjoy coming to the Athens Farmers Market every chance we get, we are leaving for New York on vacation so you guys will get to see what a New York Farmers Market is like… we are very excited to share our adventures!!! 

We will back in the ATH by months end to feature our next local farmer: Backyard Bushel!