AFM Official Kids Blog - Dondero's Kitchen

By Claire and Olivia Kulniszewski

Yum!! What delicious almond bread!! When it comes to sweet and savory treats, Dondero’s comes in 1st! With muffins and scones, you can’t go wrong!! These are the things we look forward to EVERY Saturday!

We interviewed Mr. Tim and Eric, members of the Dondero’s amazing team! Mr. Tim owns Dondero’s Kitchen.  Mr. Tim loves coming to the Athens Farmers Market, but he says, ”it is a lot of work.” I hear you!! Working  as volunteers at the market, we know it's hard too but it is really, really fun.                        

Mr. Tim's favorite part about making the sweet treats is seeing them grow in the oven, and also seeing everyone enjoy them!

Eric loves working at Dondero’s kitchen because he gets to make up new things and experiment with food.  

He loves coming to the Athens Farmers Market because the people are so nice and he loves dancing to the music.

There are also different savory things to get at Dondero’s, like the yummy humus!! So Dondero’s is the place to get your somewhat “comfort food.”  Being a costumer at the farmers market, what I like about Dondero’s is that it has sweet treats with good ingredients, so I can eat good food. I always go to Dondero’s Kitchen stand because it is an awesome place to be. WE come to the farmer’s market a lot and enjoy ourselves rain or shine.

Coming to conclusions, try Dondero’s Kitchen and if you already have then you ROCK!!! WE will always have something fun at the market so come by Saturday from 8am-12pm or Wednesday from 4pm-7pm. Hope to see you there! ...

Stay tuned for our next entry on… Cedar Grove Farm!