AFM Offical Kids Blog - Jim’s Farm & Blueberry Day

By Claire and Olivia Kulniszewski

This past Saturday, 6/22, was Blueberry Day at the Athens Farmers Market. Although there was a lot of blueberry stands our friend Mr. Jim is our special this week! Mr. Jim is always excepting helping hands to pick his delicious blueberries. Once you help him pick you get 20% of what you pick and that is a SWEET deal, this is his way of saying thank you! So come see his farm in Winterville, GA!

Mr. Jim has been growing blueberries for ten years now. (I think that is why he is so good at growing them) What he likes about growing blueberries is that 1. He gets to eat them 2. Everything really

Personally, blueberries are our favorite fruit so we would love absolutely EVERYTHING about growing this special fruit. Mr. Jim loves coming to the Athens Farmers Market because of the children! AWWWW so sweet! That explains why his blueberries are so good: they get there great taste out of love and affection.

The Athens Farmers Market was a big success on June 22nd. My sister Olivia made blueberry ice cream and I did face painting. (That was defiantly a huge hit). There was fun music and awesome people to hang out with and just be really funny with. Be sure you come out the Athens Farmers Market this Saturday from 8am-12pm. WE will be hoping to see YOU at the wonderful Athens Farmers Market!!

 Oh, one more quick thing if you are wanting to help Mr. Jim please come to the Athens Farmers Market and go to Jims Farm and ask him what YOU can do to help him to get his blueberries to the market so you can eat them!