AFM Offical Kids Blog - Miche

By Claire and Olivia Kulniszewski

With breads so delicious and nutritious, Miche Bread is the place to go. A wide variety of breads to choose from can leave you a.) Speechless or b.) Speechless. With us dying to know it all, this blog features this great place.

You have to start out with the basics; cause and effect type of thing… so what inspired Mr. Richard to make bread? Of course - he says, “it’s fun!” Well, to get more in depth with it… it is fun to take a dry substance like flour and water with crazy micro-organisms, and have it turn into what we call bread! So there has got to be something… well, you know, a little complex about bread making. Right?

The bread that is hardest to make is the one that goes into the oven first. Mr. Richard does not have a regular oven.  He has a wood oven and at first the heat of the fire is way too hot for baking bread. So, as the oven is cooling off is when he is actually making bread. So, getting the bread in there and getting it out in such a way without burning it is the hard part. Now for the type of bread that is most difficult? Mr. Richard tells us it has to be the seeded type breads. Once you get it together and made it is easier though…

Mr. Richard’s favorite part about being a bread maker is seeing a really good shaped bread, perfectly cooked bread come out of the oven. Selling bread is another favorite of Mr. Richards. We think a bread maker has to have a favorite type of bread and it cannot be all of them. There are 10 types of bread at Miche with a new special each week.

 Fun Fact about bread: the culture of sourdough bread, the yeast, is a single celled organism that is in the fungus family. Most (super-market breads) are manufactured with what's called commercial yeast. So it is grown and dried into little packages and it is just yeast nothing else. Mr. Richard’s sourdough bread is a mix of all sorts of yeast bacteria that is what makes it taste so MUCH better!

 Finally, what does Mr. Richard like about the Athens Farmers Market? Well, he likes that local people can come and get food that is made and/or grown locally. He also likes that people can talk to each other, really talk, it is not like the super-market, it is a place you want to spend some time at.  It’s a community affair, where people can come and enjoy themselves.

 Yet, another fantastic week with the Athens Farmers Market folks!  Stay tuned, remain eager for our next entry on Pony Trail Farm!