AFM Offical Kids Blog - Booger Hill Bee Company

By Claire and Olivia Kulniszewski

Last week we interviewed Mr. Dan from Booger Hill Bee Company. Mr. Dan’s specialties are honey and other honeybee products.  As we are certified beekeepers, we were really excited for this interview!  When we arrived at his tent he had a smile on his face as always. 

 Now lets get down to business. Mr. Dan loves being outside, so he thought, “beekeeping is good fit for me!” Another reason is because honeybees are such extraordinary bugs, the honey was just a bonus. Believe it or not Mr. Dan likes making his product more than he likes consuming it. He enjoys working the bees, even though the bees don’t always like working with him. Mr. Dan has spent many years working the insides and outsides of the beehive. He is doing what he loves and that makes him happy.

 So how does Mr. Dan extract the honey? He takes a hot knife and runs it across the caps on the honeycomb. Then, he puts it in a machine that rotates and slings the honey out without damaging the comb. This way he can return the comb to the bees because the comb is difficult for the bees to make!

 Then, Mr. Dan began showing us his products (one of my favorite parts of the interview), and telling us about how he makes them. “I like them all”, he says. He explains Creamed Honey is basically just crystalized honey. Fun fact: if you soak the crystalized honey in a warm soak for an hour it will turn back into regular honey. What about the honey vinegar? The honey vinegar takes about two months to make because you extract all the sugar, which soon turns into alcohol. That is how you get the bitter sour taste of honey vinegar. So, now what is Mr. Dan’s Favorite product from his bees? He says it is beeswax! You would think it would be honey (it is the most commonly thought of bee product) but beeswax? Yes! Mr. Dan says it smells delightful (I agree)! Did you know beeswax takes a whole bunch of energy to make?

 At first you would think Mr. Dan is an outgoing person, right? Well he says he is truly an introvert. He likes his peace and quiet. He lives alone and enjoys the company of his bees. Mr. Dan also loves the AFM he says he would come even if he weren’t a vender. Thank you Mr. Dan, fellow Beekeeper for the extraordinary interview chock full of information.