meet your growers: fertile crescent farm and garden

Meet Ginni and Scott.  They are the proud owners of Fertile Crescent Farm and Gardens, selling fresh produce and (incredibly beautiful) flowers at both Tuesday and Saturday markets.  They tell a heartwarming and inspiring tale - a tale of ambition, land stewardship, and perseverance.

Circa 2000,  Madison County, GA, Ginni and Scott bought 40 acres of land  from their dear friend, Carlo.  Their  beginning days on the land were spent cultivating and harvesting a "big crop" farm.  Unfortunately, Fertile Crescent could only use  1/4 of thier newly acquired acreage - the remaining 30 acres had been used as a garbage dump by the previous owners. A mass portion of their inherited land was a damaged, inactive wasteland.  Scott claims that "No one in their right mind would buy this land", but Fertile Crescent had a vision.  And so their story goes.

Determined to restore the land, Ginni and Scott spent their earliest efforts reaching out to the EPD and the county - they had high hopes for a community-effort clean up.   Unfortunately,  nothing came out of this.   After a failed attempt to garner the public's support,  Fertile Crescent made the life-changing decision to pour their own labor and  financial resources into the massive land-cleaning effort. 

It was a demanding and intensive project.  Fertile Crescent brought in tractors to pull out big, cumbersome items. They used bulldozers to comb through the soil.   Scott says there was only so much they could do, and that it was the land's own self-preservation that did most of the work.  

A decade has passed since Fertile Crescent bought their land in Madison County and embarked on a land restoration journey.  Dedicated to their mission, Ginni and Scott have made tremendous progress over the years.    They have been presented with numerous awards, including "Stewardship Farmer of the Year" by the Georgia Forestry Service. A full acre of their land is blossoming with beautiful  flowers, and another couple acres is covered with rows of vegetables.  

Ginni, Scott, and their dear friend Carlo are as nice as can be.  Their AFM stand is lined with an assortment of flowers - blues, reds, pinks, yellows and every color under the sun.   Treat yourself to a bouquet, and support the Fertile Crescent Farm and Garden dream.