Mertie's Oven Granola: a crunchy tradition

It's a bright, buzzing Saturday morning at Bishop Park.  In the midst of the early bird hustle and bustle, one can only be so lucky to stumble across Maria Doeer, the humble maker of Merties's Oven Granola.   Maria has her own little stand at the Saturday Market, where she has been a loyal vendor since 2007.  Maria's smile and demeanor are as sweet and irresistible as the product she sells.

Mertie's Oven, the name of Maria's one-woman, granola-baking operation,  has made its way into several of Athens area shops and homes.     Since modest beginnings in a tiny basement kitchen,  Maria has moved her work to a large church kitchen. Maria bakes her granola with organic thick rolled oats,  Georgia wildflower honey, and plentiful handfuls of whole nuts, organic sees, and organic whole nuts.   The end result: crunchy, toasty, sweet deliciousness.

Make sure to say hello to Maria - and buy a bag of granola or two -  at your next market visit!