a diverse bunch: the 2010 growers & purveyors


AFM values the communal, market day environment.  We believe a weekly farmer's market  should sustain an interactive and shared space - a space to get to know your farmer, to ask questions about how your produce was grown, and to make connections with the source of your food. With each season, AFM welcomes both old and new buyers and vendors.  It is our goal and responsibility to provide a diversified and dynamic market.

We are looking at a great market this season - including 50 vendors on Saturday and 16 on Tuesday's Downtown market.  Saturday's market will be bustling with growers (including a dairy farmer!), prepared food purveyors, craft vendors, the AFM tent, music, and cooking demos.  We will also host two full season non- profits - P.L.A.C.E and Master Gardeners.  AFM Downtown will be all of the Saturday markets appeal on a smaller scale - AFM tent and music included!   Here is a list of our AFM 2010 growers and food purveyors. Check back soon for artisan and non profit vendors!


Lazy Willow Farm   

Johnston Family Farm

Harvest Moon    

Jim’s Farm    

Blue Moon Farms   

Roots Farm    

Tewksbury Farms – Good Groceries 

Dancing Sprout Farm  

Greendale Farm (meat) 

The Veggie Patch at Bouchard Farms, LL Full  

Bowman Produce 

Front Field Farm, Inc      

BPH, Inc (meat)      

Fertile Crescent Gardens   

Sun Dance Farm    

Cedar Grove Farm

Mills Farm   

Backyard Harvest 

Veribest Farm   

McMullan Family Farms    

Rhonda’s Blueberries 

Apiary and Gardens 

Grove Creek Farm 

Hickory Hill Farm   

Burnell Farms  

Hilltop Farms 

Blackbriar Farms and Studio



Big City Bread Café    

Fresh Pasta    

Miche Bakery     

Farm 255 Farmcart   

Luna Baking    

Empanadas and other favorite things 

1000 Faces Coffee    

Righteous Juice   

Donderos Kitchen