Lynda Brady's farm is stock full of swine. Mamas, a few papas, and lots of babies, all slap covered in mud, rooting through Morgan County pasture. This is how Lynda likes it. Before moving to the area to raise pigs, cows, and chickens for market sale, Lynda ran a game ranch in North Georgia. She's always made a living with animals. These days, it's mostly Berkshire hogs that fill her time, and there are plenty of pigs out at B&G Farms to occupy every minute and second of the day. Big ones like Jane and Dude and Joe are in charge, keeping all the four-week old babes in good behavior. There's no GMO feed to be found at Lynda's, if that's what you're worried about, and no unnecessary antibiotics, either. Just happy pigs, and an even happier farmer.